Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

Charity Office Program

Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital adopts a humanly approach. This approach is derived from the sense of social responsibility to reduce or eliminate the human health suffering, in a systematic and institutional way. From this perspective, the hospital adopted taking care of patients who need treatment and can't afford its financial burdens. This is achieved by seeking philanthropists willing to pay their treatment expenses, based on the rule that says: " Seeking the good is like doing it ".

The Charity program highlights the human picture of the society, and supports the social solidarity among people. It is more like a bridge between patients in need and rich people, and a flexible community procedural model to present services to poor people who needs treatment and don't have money to pay for this treatment.

Under the supervision of Dr. Soliman Fakeeh General Manager, the hospital administration performs the first initiative to help patients in need through establishing the charity program, aiming to get special discounts for patients.

Aims of the program

  • Providing treatment for poor and in need patients.
  • To benefit from the Charity organizations, business owners and some big companies to pay part of the expenses for those patients.
  • Working on developing the sense of Social responsibility between families and business owners, and encourage them to donate and participate in community service and develop it from social and human aspects.
  • To perfectly identify for financially capable organizations ways to direct their "Zakah" and money surplus towards the charity treatment.

Category deserving the treatment

  • Patients with limited or low income.
  • Unemployed patients who have no host.
  • Patients who doesn't have medical or social insurance.
  • The program includes Saudis and residents coming from abroad with therapeutic visa.
  • The Charity Office work is based on social research to study the social and financial case of the patient.
  • The Charity Office is licensed from the Emirate of Makkah Region and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

For more information, Kindly don't hesitate to contact the Charity Office:

Mrs. Enas Samir,
Social Workers and Patient Relations Director.

Telephone: +966 2 6655000 Ext: 6605.