Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

Our Quality Indicators

Our Quality Indicators

Quality Indicators: The most important quality indicators that are regularly measured or assessed at DSFH are as follows:

Measures related to clinical areas, including:

•    Patient Assessments
•    Laboratory Services
•    Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Services
•    Surgical Procedures
•    Antibiotic and other medication use
•    Medication errors and near misses
•    Anesthesia and Sedation use
•    Use of Blood and Blood Products
•    Availability, content, and use of Patient Records
•    Infection prevention and control, surveillance, and reporting, and
•    Clinical Research.

Measures related to Managerial Areas, including:

•    The procurement of routinely required supplies and medication essential to meet patient needs.
•    Reporting of activities as required by laws and regulations.
•    Risk Management
•    Utilization Management
•    Patient and family expectations and satisfaction
•    Staff expectations and satisfaction
•    Patient demographics and clinical diagnoses
•    Financial Management, and
•    Prevention and control of events that jeopardize the safety of patients, families, and staff.

Measures for each of the International Patient Safety Goals:

•    Identify Patients Correctly
•    Improve Effective Communication
•    Improve the Safety of High Alert Medications
•    Ensure Correct-Site, Correct Procedure, Correct Patient Surgery
•    Reduce the Risk of Health Care-Associated Infections
•    Reduce the Risk of Patient Harm Resulting from Falls