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Kindly choose the correct answer for the following questions:
1 . Is smoking leads to addiction?
Yes, because cigarettes contain nicotine, a drug such as heroin and cocaine cause addiction.
Do not cause addiction.

2 . Substances found in tobacco and make it very dangerous?
Carbon monoxide: is toxic gas ,adverse effect in that it replaces the oxygen in the blood in the erythrocytes hemoglobin, which the body is deprived of the necessary amount of oxygen, it also helps to deposition of the grease on the walls of the arteries
Nicotine which is a very powerful toxin that causes addiction
Tar: tar contains more than four thousand chemical compound some of them turn into harmless gases in the combustion of tobacco.
All of the above are true

3 . What diseases caused by smoking?
Bronchial asthma.
Heart attacks.
All of the true.

4 . The benefits of quitting smoking the following are correct, except?
After 48 hours of quitting smoking and a clear improvement in the senses of taste and smell notes. And begin the smoke odors disappear from the body..
Loss of appetite and loss of weight.
After three months of quitting smoking is the improvement in the process of breathing is very remarkable, and improves the ability of the lungs to perform their functions. And disappear nagging cough smoker.
Landing possibility of the occurrence of heart attacks to half the rate in smokers.

5 . How can a smoker to stop smoking, except?
Smoker should be serious and firm to quit smoking.
Get support and encouragement and to keep trying to quit.
Change the type of smoke.
Purchase of medicines and use them properly and medical consultation.

Competition quiz of the month

The Patient Teaching center is supervising the competition the quiz of the month on hospital website. This competitionis aims to increase awareness about some of the common diseases through putting certain questions which prepared by health educators and reviewing and approving by the consultants who incharge with the quiz topic before upload to the hospital website. The Participation is open to all hospital website visitors (except the DSFH employees), and at the end of each month will chose one winner. The award is entertainment coupon to ALShalal for the winner and 4 members of his/her family. This award does not include the granting of ticket and place of residence to those who are outside the Kingdom or Jeddah city. The announce of the names of the winners on the hospital website will be at the first day of each month after we contact with winner and inform him/ her about the award and take a picture if possible. For more information please call 012-6655000 / 1194 – 1206