Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

For Insurance Companies

Dr. Soliman Fakeeh hospital (DSFH) offers its medical services through contracts with insurance companies.

DSFH is the main provider for more than 20 insurance companies including NCCI, Bupa, Med Gulf, Cars, Alico, Med net and others.

Some private companies contract directly with DSFH like Saudi Arabian Airlines, ARAMCO and Saudi electric.

Some individuals and their families also contract directly with DSFH (Personal credit).

International insurance companies make deals with DSFH to provide medical services to their clients during Haj and Omra seasons as Assist Card company.

There are also special deals with some governmental institutions for individuals who are not medically insured.

DSFH offers discounted services to several non-profit and charity organizations.

Package deals are offered to control the prices of major operations.

Insurance companies wishing to contract with DSFH should contact the company office located on the ground floor building 2 or call 02 - 6655000 Extensions 2308, 1486,1450 or 2286, Fax No: 02 - 6656028.