Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

Patient Rights

It is important for patients to know their rights as these rights may become vital in deciding aspects of their medical care.

Patients rights include:
Equal access to care: All patients have the right to be given equal access to treatment and room space that is available and defined by a physician or financial coverage agreement regardless of race, creed, gender or national origin.

Respect for dignity
Patients have the right to considerate respectful care at all times and in all situations with recognition of their personal dignity.

Privacy and confidentiality
Patients have the right to have their medical data confidential. Data will not be disclosed without permission from the patient or advocates that he/she assigns.

Personal safety: Patients have the right to a safe hospital environment.

Identity: Patients have the right to know the identity and professional status of those providing care to them and to know which physician is primarily responsible for their care. This also includes the patient's right to know of the existence of any professional relationship among individuals who are treating them, as well as the relationship to any other healthcare or educational institutions involved in their care.

Information: Patients have the right to obtain information about their diagnosis. This information should be presented to them in a clear way.

Communication: Patients have the right to see or talk to people from outside the hospital. This can take several forms (visitors, verbal or written communication).

Pain management: patients have the right to proper assessment and effective pain management and also to have adequate information about pain and pain relief measures.

Consent: Patients have the right to be informed of all medical data needed to participate in decision making regarding their illness and treatment.

Consultation: Patients, at their own request and expense, have the right to ask for a second consultation by a specialist of their choice.

Refusal of treatment: Patients may refuse treatment if the law permits it.

Transfer and continuity of care: Patients can be transferred to another hospital provided there is a complete explanation of the need for transfer.

Hospital charges: Regardless of the source of payment for their care, patients have the right to request and receive a detailed explanation of their total bill of service received in the hospital.