Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital


The ORL department is comprised of:

  • The ORL unit
  • The audiology and balance unit
  • The phoniatrics and speech unit

The ORL unit operates through four clinics that work 16 hours a day. Some of the surgical procedures performed at the unit include:

  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS).
  • Major ear surgeries: tympanoplasty, ossiculoplasty, mastoidectomy, stapedectomy.
  • Endoscopic and microscopical procedures on upper aero digestive tract.
  • Pediatric ENT surgeries
  • Endoscopic Pituitary Gland Surgery (in collaboration with Neurosurgery Department)
  • Major head and neck surgeries for tumors (in collaboration with the oncology unit and the maxillofacial section of dental department)

The phoniatrics and speech unit: performs assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of speech, language and voice disorders. A consultant phoniatrician supervises the unit. The most common language disorders seen are delayed language development in children while the most common speech disorders are stuttering, dysathria and hypernasality. Voice programs are available for patients who had vocal folds operations.

The audiology & balance unit: is specialized in the diagnosis of hearing loss as well as problems of altered balance. A consultant audiologist supervises the unit. Patients of all ages are examined from neonates through to elderly. A variety of common middle ear problems are managed at the audiology unit including infections, middle ear stiffness (otosclerosis) or problems of the tympanic membrane (adhesive or lax membrane). Specialized tests are available to measure the threshold of hearing, assess speech-hearing difficulties and test the nerves of hearing. Vestibular system is assessed in patients with problems of balance using electronystagmography (ENG) and video nystagmoraphy (VNG).